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Design for Ease Of Use

It's a well known fact that internet users, on average, spend less than a single minute on any given page unless there is a compelling reason for them to stay. This means that, when you're planning your website design, you have to design with ease, and speed, of use in mind. Across the internet, the [...]

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Effective Website Design – Less Is More

When it comes to hiring somebody to design a website for your business, you're usually paying attention to the goals you'd like your website to achieve. In other words, bringing you business, and converting visitors into leads. But there are other important factors that have to be kept in mind as well, and a professional [...]

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Website Usability Development

In his book Designing Web Usability, renowned expert Jakob Nielsen says, "There is no web page so important that I cannot go elsewhere." Web usability is one of the most important aspects of web development, and yet it's one of the aspects that is most often neglected. And one in which insufficient attention can drive [...]

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Common Web Design Mistakes Impact SEO

As we've pointed out before, no matter what keywords you target, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions, of websites that are competing for the same keywords and that important first page Google ranking. A good SEO strategy will improve your chances, but the best strategy can't help you if your sites web [...]

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Webdesigns – Functional Appeal

Some of the most frequently discussed aspects of a website revolve around webdesigns. It's generally accepted that the design of your site plays a major role in attracting visitors. This is not strictly true in certain senses, since your design can't attract visitors if they haven't already seen the site. However, webdesigns can play a [...]

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Web Design: Making Your Site Look Good

One of the most important factors in a successful online presence depends on your sites web design. As a result, the increase in online marketing has been followed by a corresponding increase in web design companies, offering a web design service to anybody who wishes to implement a site. Good web design serves a vital function for [...]

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Why We Don’t Do Flash – Search Engines 101

  There was a time when Net Age did indeed use Flash. Chances are most people and businesses have gone through this stage in the development of their web design. We, like everyone else, found ourselves enamored with its (pardon the pun) flashy effects and its ability to spiff up a web page, and we [...]

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Website Design – Attraction, Usability & Accessibility

Every aspect of the sites we create at Net Age has been carefully considered, and deeply thought-out. We do everything for a reason, with set goals in mind, and using the methods and tools we've learned through experience will help achieve these goals. The foundation of a website design is based on these 3 principles. [...]

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Characteristics Of Good Web Design

A properly designed website is both user friendly and SEO friendly, while also being persuasive enough to optimise for visitor-to-customer conversion. SEO Web Design A correctly designed website is automatically optimised for search engines. The rule of thumb is that if your website is easy for people to use, chances are the search engines will love [...]

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