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On-Site Content Writing Tips For Sematic Search

The introduction and increasing development of Google’s semantic search – otherwise known as the Hummingbird algorithm update – has not so much thrown the SEO rulebook out the window (despite what many online marketers are saying) as made the rules less black-and-white, and more intelligent. In light of this era of enhanced search engine marketing, […]

Creating Effective Content for Organic SEO

Anyone who’s done any mild investigation into SEO has no doubt run into the mantra of content being king. We know that if you want quality organic SEO results, you need to load your site with quality value adding content. But what many aren’t that sure of is what quality content consists of, practically. One […]

Content Writing As Writing

The net abounds with all manner of useful hints, tips and tricks aimed at producing content writing that will successfully market your website or blog. More than in any other form this advice appears as articles written by webmasters and freelance content writers whose experience in the field has proven invaluable to those, like myself, […]