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Expanded Placement Options For Google App Ads

At the same time as Google is planning on restricting or removing targeted ads from kids videos, they're also introducing more placement options for their app ads. At the moment, ads display on the Play Store and YouTube, in search engine results, and on over 3 million other sites and apps. But according to a [...]

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Google Helpouts

Yesterday, search engine giant Google announced the official launch of Google Helpouts, a monetised live video platform designed to let businesses sell, and give away, live video assistance on topics related to that business. Free & Paid Help Businesses have the option to offer content that is free to view, that costs a set fee [...]

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Inaccuracies in the Google Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph was an exciting project: a search engine that no longer just exposed you to the information of internet but could actually summarise certain topics for you and present them on the results page. Of course, this would depend on the fact that you were interested in the most popular topic associated with [...]

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Google Instant And SEO

Earlier last month, we published an article about the launch of Google's new search service, Google Instant. This is the new "real time" search service that provides results as you type, and in which Google effectively tries to predict what you're searching for, and displays results that change as you type more letters. Predictably, it's [...]

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