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Toolbar PageRank Finally Dies

PageRank.  The secret formula that Google used to decide how important any given web page was has finally been officially retired from public view.  16 years ago, Google made it possible for people to see an approximation of the PR (PageRank, named after co-founder Larry Page) for website pages.  The higher the PR, the more […]

A New Way To Calculate PageRank

A recent patent filed by Google suggests that the search giant may be considering a change to the way that pages are assigned rank by their algorithm.  The original PageRank system calculated the value of a page largely by determining the number and source of links pointing to a page, and despite the obvious limitations […]

Surprise Page Rank Update

Although Google’s Matt Cuts recently implied that there wouldn’t be a PageRank update this year, it turns out that he wasn’t quite accurate. After 10 months of inactivity, the Toolbar (public) PageRank has been updated, ostensibly as part of another update to the Google back-end. See what Matt Cutts has to say about PageRank here:

Google PageRank Not So Important

A recent move by search engine giant Google has left search engine optimisers either shaking their heads, or feeling vindicated. An article appeared on WebProNews earlier this week, backed up by a post on Google Webmaster Central from Webmaster Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa, pointing out that Google has removed their PageRank distribution feature from their […]

PageRank Sculpting

PageRank sculpting is the process of attempting to direct the way that PageRank flows within (and into and out of), your website. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm named after Google co-founder Larry Page, that assigns a numerical rank (from 0 to 10) to each element of a hyper-linked group of documents, to measure its […]