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User Experience: Contact Page

Site usability and the user experience are critical factors when it comes to converting website visitors into leads, and the “Contact” page on your website is one that is particularly important to users. The Norman Nielsen Group, world renowned usability experts, recently released the results of a study they performed in which they asked participants […]

User Experience: Form Building

The forms on your website are a crucial part of the lead generation process, and as such, it’s important to keep their overall usability in mind when planning your form. Remember, every additional step in the process is an additional barrier to the user completing the form, and every form field that they have to […]

Tips For Mobile Ecommerce

With mobile searches now outstripping desktop searches thanks to the prevalence of smart phones and other mobile devices, the importance of considering mobile usability, for ecommerce specifically, is now greater than ever before. Although purchases are still made more frequently on desktops in South Africa, even that last bastion of desktop dominance is starting to […]

Web Design for Conversion Optimisation

Navigation structure is a well-known ranking factor. Web crawlers can penalise your pages for long loading times or unintuitive link structures. Human visitors can be even more particular than that. To keep your conversion funnel tight and reduce your abandonment rate, consider the following tips when designing your website. Make Navigation Obvious This doesn’t mean […]