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Browsers Warn Users Of Insecure Log-In Pages

As of the next update to Google’s Chrome browser, (version 56) which will release by the end of this month, and the newest version of Firefox, browsers will warn users when entering password details on a page which is not served via HTTPS. It won’t prevent people from entering their details on non-secure sites, but […]

Don’t Be Fooled – Ecommerce Is Harder Than It Looks

Most companies who approach us for marketing for their ecommerce websites expect that they’ll set up their ecommerce site, allocate a small marketing budget, and sit back and watch the cash start rolling in. Our response to this sort of expectation is always the same: A warning that it is not going to be that […]

SnapScan Implementing Ecommerce Payments

Already a common sight at retail outlets, South African based mobile payment application SnapScan has announced that they have launched the pilot phase of their ecommerce plugin. Using this system, customers will now be able to make online payments with SnapScan, as well as the retail payments they’re already known for. How SnapScan Works For […]