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The Evolution Of SEO

Search engine optimisation has always been one of the most contentious, and contended, aspects of online marketing.  There was a time, not all that many years ago, when ranking highly in search engine results was pretty much entirely a matter of getting a whole bunch of links pointing back to your site. What those links [...]

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Link Building is Not Illegal Says Google

Since the release of the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, link building has gradually become more of a dirty word in the web community. This is evident from what was described as The Great Link Purge, when Google released its link disavow tool. The funny thing was that many websites disavowed perfectly normal links that [...]

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Google Releases Its Own Link Disavow Tool

It’s been an issue that’s plagued the Google webmaster forums for the better part of this year but finally, this month, Matt Cutts (head of webspam at Google) announced that a link disavow tool is now available to all website owners using Google Webmaster Tools, giving users the ability to tell Google to ignore specific [...]

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Link Building Factors an SEO Company Must Know

The practice of link building has undergone quite a lot of changes recently. Whereas before it used to be a giant free for all, where webmasters used any method at their disposal to get a bigger link profile, these days poor link building can do a lot more harm than it could’ve ever done good. [...]

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Link Locations and Their Effectiveness

Links have been the subject of great contention, amongst both search engines and search engine optimisers. The problem is search engines still have to be wary of link-building because it’s used abusively for SEO and webmasters doing honest link-building are tired of either having their link-building rendered redundant, or worse yet, actually being punished for [...]

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Link-Building Still to Be Around For a While

In search engine optimisation, we obviously have to base our practices on what we observe from ranking shifts and, equally importantly, from what search engines are willing to tell us. And what Google and Bing had been saying for a while, was that link signals in SEO were going to get valued less and less [...]

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Building a Quality Link Profile

It’s an SEO activity that’s fallen into some disrepute since Google’s algorithm updates began focusing on link spam. Before that it was seen by many as the only rank optimising activity that could get you results. But then unethical linking practices forced Google to change their algorithm. Link building is still a valuable activity though. [...]

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Google Can Be Fair With Your Link Profile

The release of Google's Penguin algorithm a few months ago represented a renewed and more sophisticated focus on linking. Not a beneficial focus though, mind you. Now, whereas a really good link profile will buy you a modest rankings boost, a link profile that seems somewhat abusive of their guidelines might just get kicked off [...]

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Link Building for People Rather Than SEO

We've reported at length on the decreasing importance of link juice in Google's ranking algorithm. Many were relieved and many angered when the focus shifted to content. After all, link building is a time consuming, endlessly frustrating and often unrewarding process, (even though it was so important), so many saw years of hard work go [...]

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Link Exchanges

Link exchanges started in a time when search engine weighting algorithms could be described as little more than rudimentary. Spamming was hard to detect, let alone penalise. Link building was the one and only effective SEO exercise during this period. From that sentiment grew an industry of easy linking solutions. Most of them completely unethical. [...]

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