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Google Recommends 301 Redirects For HTTPS Migration

As you’ll know, Google has recently been putting more emphasis than before on securing your site via HTTPS, or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This is a form of encryption that helps protect your website against certain types of attack, and helps prevent website communication (the transfer of data) from being intercepted. This is especially […]

Google Updates SEO Starter Guide

Google introduced the first ever Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starter guide in November of 2008, to serve as a guideline for webmasters to better understand how to improve their websites for search engines and users using SEO best practices. The first update to the guide was way back in September of 2010. A lot has […]

HTTPS Becomes Ranking Factor

On the 6th of August, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that as of this month, having an SSL certificate (effectively encrypting your URLs and adding the HTTPS protocol to them (rather than the standard HTTP) will be a ranking factor. It’s a very minor factor right now. In fact, Google estimates that it […]

Context Is The Real King

The increasing industry focus on semantic search and context based content has created some of the biggest upsets in SEO in years, as well creating a significant surge in social media marketing. In general though, the only people really upset are old-fashioned SEO’s, who see the new Google Hummingbird algorithm as a giant free for […]

Hummingbird And The Future Of Search

Late last year, Google rolled out its new search algorithm, named Hummingbird, with the aim of giving users more precise results for their searches. In the past, the Google search results page would be made up of a ranked order of approximate answers (to a user’s query) based on keywords. With Hummingbird though, Google has […]

SEO Fundamentals That Will Always Work

Google SEO’s shrinking real estate has been a topic of great lament for internet marketers over the last couple of years. Algorithm heavyweights Panda and Penguin have not only made the practice of SEO quite mysterious but also one which requires great finesse, and a lot of trial and error. But despite what you have […]

Small Things That Drastically Affect SEO

Most people who have done the smallest amount of research on organic SEO know all the basic mantras and their importance. You will likely know that content is king and that you should use relevant keywords in moderation, build links with respected websites and that meta- data is becoming less important. But it’s often the […]

Incorporating Auto Complete Into SEO Strategy

As people use the internet more and more to conduct research for purchase decisions, the need to maintain a good brand image and decrease the visibility of negative statements on this medium, becomes just as important as it is in the physical market. This is known as Online Reputation Management (ORM). Google’s Auto-complete (the 4 […]

Link Building Factors an SEO Company Must Know

The practice of link building has undergone quite a lot of changes recently. Whereas before it used to be a giant free for all, where webmasters used any method at their disposal to get a bigger link profile, these days poor link building can do a lot more harm than it could’ve ever done good. […]

Questionable Keyword Strategies That Still Work

As search engine algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, and as the search engines publicise these advancements, many SEO practitioners have been led to believe that many of the keyword strategies they used to employ have been cracked down on. However, a user will still find low quality and generally spammy sites on the first page of […]