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Marketing In The Time Of Lock-Down

The outbreak of COVID-19 in South Africa, and the resulting lock-down that the government has put in place to help slow the spread of transmission has resulted in many uncertainties for the future of both small and large businesses, and indeed, even the global economy. With both business and private concerns facing unprecedented restrictions and […]

Desktop And Mobile Usage Compared

In the last few years, there’s no doubt that a growing amount of website traffic comes from mobile devices. As more and more people get access to the internet via their phones, mobile has become one of the leading priorities in online marketing. As a result, Google is putting a lot of emphasis on mobile […]

Simple Tweaks to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Laymen

Many of the tips that are given for an effective SEM strategy are often beyond the technical capabilities of a normal website owner, who perhaps just hired an SEO company to do some light optimisation. Below, we explore some simple tricks and tips you can use to rank better that don’t require any type in-depth […]

Predicted Future Trends in Search Engine Marketing

We seem to have a modestly good grip on effective SEO practices these days, at least a professional does. Search Engine Marketing Strategy, however, should also be focused on where search engines are going rather than just where they currently are, to maintain rankings in the long-term. Below we explore some of the online trends […]

10 Examples of KPIs for Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Whether your Search Engine Marketing is through professional services or in-house, the strategy needs to be accountable to determine its success. In the world of SEM though, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can vary greatly, depending on your goals. Some popular indicators include: Organic Traffic Essentially, a function of SEO. Any search engine marketing consultant […]

Using Search Engine Marketing to Have SEO Inform PPC

While never seen as fundamentally separate ideas, search engine optimisation and paid search aren’t necessarily considered as being symbiotic concepts. Often resulting in a either/or question for any search engine marketing strategy. While one requires time and the other money, the methods used in SEO and the results thereof, can be used as valuable data […]

Elements of Search Engine Marketing

Any service or activity that concerns itself specifically with the manner in which websites try to gain a greater degree of visibility, falls under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Although SEM is a part of Internet Marketing, it is such an expansive discipline on it’s own that it has spawned an entire industry […]

Search Engine Marketing With Paid Inclusion

Google have long though of the term as a blasphemy. But now it seems that paid inclusion is now not only being tolerated by Google, but that is will be an important ranking factor for a lot of their commercial vertical search options, in the unforeseeable future. They’ve already introduced it to Google Trusted Shops. […]

Succeed With Internet Marketing

With the constantly increasing number of businesses going online, effective internet marketing has become a crucial part of the continued success of any business. An internet marketing strategy that delivers measurable results has never been so important as it is right now, if you’re looking to succeed online. When it comes to internet marketing South […]

Search Engine Marketing – Measurable Results

One of the greatest benefits of search engine marketing lies in the fact that it’s one of the marketing strategies that’s more measurable than most. Making use of search engine marketing services lets you immediately determine the number of conversions you’ve achieved, whether into online leads or sales, as well as how much revenue your SEM […]