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Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Online Marketing?

Well the short answer is no.  Or at best, certainly not yet.  But Augmented Reality (AR) is starting to offer consumers exciting new ways to interact with brands. Most importantly though, AR is allowing users to interact with brands in the spaces that the users choose, and when they choose to do so. So What […]

The Lead Starts Here

For the most part, the purpose of your online marketing is to generate leads for your business. Brand building campaigns can be an exception to this, but in general, your objective is probably to generate sales by converting the leads that your online marketing brings you. The most important thing to remember here is that […]

Unpacking The Google Ads Layout Change

Recently Google made an unexpected change to how they’re laying out the Google Ads results in search. Instead of the old “3 ads at the top” and then a list of ads in the sidebar, they’ve done away with the sidebar entirely for what looks like most searches, and instead, are showing 4 ads at […]

Taking Advantage Of Micro-Moments

Think about how attached to your phone you are. Chances are that your phone has become an indispensable part of your day-to-day life. The cell phone is rapidly taking over digital traffic from desktop, and it’s scarcely surprising. You’re never more than an arm’s length away from being connected to the world, and that’s not […]

Internet Marketing Beyond SEO

E-commerce website owners often focus so much of their time and effort on search engine optimisation that they often forget that websites are primarily built for people, not just web-crawlers. And while SEO may get your website in the right place on the search engine results page, so it can actually be seen, the rest […]

Internet Marketing Company

The services relating to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are well known as the most effective method to get meaningful traffic to your site and improving your conversion rate. So effective, in fact, that even the best internet marketing company will focus 80% of its strategy on gaining a valuable presence on the Search Engine Results […]

Internet Marketing – A World Of Opportunity

The rapid growth of internet marketing in South Africa, and indeed the world, has opened up new vistas of previously unimagined business opportunity. The advantages of internet marketing strategies include lower costs and faster turn-around times. However, it is the ability of the medium to almost instantly disseminate information, and solicit monitored responses, that makes […]

Internet Marketing Today

Electronic communication is the crux upon which so much of modern life is balanced in this, the age of information. The face of marketing and of advertising has been undeniably changed by the ability to mass communicate any idea through the medium of the internet. There are no longer limits on the reach of advertisers or the […]