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Google Rebrands Advertising Products

Yesterday, almost 18 years after launching their Google Ads platform to allow businesses to advertise in their search engine results, Google announced that they will be re-branding their advertising products / solutions. According to the post on the Analytics blog, these new, “simpler” brands and solutions will help advertisers and publishers choose the right solutions […]

Google Sets HTTPS Deadline

Google has announced that the new, updated deadline for sites to convert to HTTPS is July of this year. After that, their browser, Chrome, will begine prominently warning users if a site that they visit is insecure. Although this won’t matter if the site is not collecting or requesting log-in data or credit card details, […]

Facebook Advertising – Purchase Intent Or Branding

I’m a social media manager, and I think that Google Ads advertising is more effective than Facebook. There…I said it.  While other social media managers plot my imminent demise, I’ll use these last few minutes of my life to explain why. Actually, despite our tendency to do it anyway, we probably shouldn’t be comparing Google […]

YouTube Advertising Vs TV Advertising

In today’s digitally dominated world, it’s becoming clearer than ever that consumers are moving away from their television sets, and spending more time than ever online. In fact, 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms like YouTube, Showmax, and Netflix, to live TV. One of the main reasons for the preference is that […]

Unpacking The Google Ads Layout Change

Recently Google made an unexpected change to how they’re laying out the Google Ads results in search. Instead of the old “3 ads at the top” and then a list of ads in the sidebar, they’ve done away with the sidebar entirely for what looks like most searches, and instead, are showing 4 ads at […]

Google Contributor Expanding

In November of last year, Google began rolling out the Google Contributor program, designed to allow people to reduce the number of ads they see, on the sites they visit. Since they specifically say “on the sites you visit” this appears to target the Display Network.  It’s also interesting that they’re not offering to show […]

Multiple Location Extensions For Mobile Ads

Google recently announced an update to the Google Ads location extensions that will allow multiple locations to display for mobile search ads. This is great news for advertisers because it will help users to find the location that’s easiest and most relevant to them. So if your business has multiple locations, you can now set […]

Google Adwords Affiliate Auction Policy

Keeping Google’s Affiliate Auction policy in mind is usually a good idea for anybody who manages more than one account on Google Ads. The Google Ads Affiliate Policy effectively states that Google will display only one advert per top-level domain. This means that, if you’re an affiliate advertiser, your ads won’t display if some other […]