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Which Social Media Platform?

Although broadly similar on the surface, the various social media platforms can differ widely in the intent of their users, and as a result, choosing the right social media platform to promote or advertise your business is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Each can have benefits and drawbacks, depending on the type […]

US Pressures Facebook & Twitter To Make Rules Clearer

The on-going investigations into election interference and misinformation by the United States congress saw appearances by both the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and the CEO of Twitter, who spoke before the hearing for the first time earlier this month. US Senators were looking for clarity on how the platforms algorithms work, and what leads […]

New Social Media Guidelines For Political Ads

In the wake of recent scandals about social media and its impact in political campaigns and elections, two of the worlds largest social media companies have, almost at the same time, announced new rules and guidelines for the promotion of politically related advertising. Full Disclosure Both Twitter and Facebook came under fire for their role […]

Facebook Addresses Hate Speech By Removing Targeting Options

In what is supposed to be a temporary measure, Facebook has announced that they will be removing some popular self-reported targeting options for advertisers, in order to prevent people from taking advantage of them to target hate groups. The fields that are being removed include education, field of study, job title and employment. Facebook explained […]

Will Social Advertising Destroy Social Media?

It is no secret that social media marketing is a huge business. I can’t think of a single thriving company that you cannot find, engage with, or even purchase from, online. Everybody Is Competing Online As more and more companies flood the online marketplace, they pour more and more money into their online spend to […]

Facebook To Block Discriminating Ads With AI

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would be using AI-based tools to identify ads for a selection of categories including credit, jobs and housing, and block them if they are targeted based on the race of the viewer. Advertisers will now also need to confirm that they are following the companies policies on discriminatory […]

Facebook Admits To Data Errors

Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that the reporting data it shares with publishers and advertisers could have been subject to errors. This comes two months after they admitted that it had been over-estimating the average time users spent watching videos on the platform. These latest errors involved reporting on the amount of time people spent […]

Facebook Advertising – Purchase Intent Or Branding

I’m a social media manager, and I think that Google Ads advertising is more effective than Facebook. There…I said it.  While other social media managers plot my imminent demise, I’ll use these last few minutes of my life to explain why. Actually, despite our tendency to do it anyway, we probably shouldn’t be comparing Google […]

Do Twitter URLs Get Clicked?

A recent study carried out jointly by Microsoft, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation, and Columbia University examined 2.8 million shares on Twitter, with a total potential audience of 75 billion views, 9.6 million actual clicks, and 59,000 unique resources in order to determine the extent to which URLs shared on […]