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Posting Smart On Facebook: Socially Responsible Advertising

Social media comes with many privileges, and just like any other medium, these privileges come with responsibilities. Finding the balance between freedom of expression and social responsibility can be hard, particularly, from an individual perspective. The rules of engagement are somewhat different for individuals compared to businesses. Many businesses enlist the assistance of marketers to […]

Facebook Addresses Hate Speech By Removing Targeting Options

In what is supposed to be a temporary measure, Facebook has announced that they will be removing some popular self-reported targeting options for advertisers, in order to prevent people from taking advantage of them to target hate groups. The fields that are being removed include education, field of study, job title and employment. Facebook explained […]

Will Social Advertising Destroy Social Media?

It is no secret that social media marketing is a huge business. I can’t think of a single thriving company that you cannot find, engage with, or even purchase from, online. Everybody Is Competing Online As more and more companies flood the online marketplace, they pour more and more money into their online spend to […]

Facebook To Block Discriminating Ads With AI

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would be using AI-based tools to identify ads for a selection of categories including credit, jobs and housing, and block them if they are targeted based on the race of the viewer. Advertisers will now also need to confirm that they are following the companies policies on discriminatory […]

Does Your Company Need Facebook Marketing?

Well, according to experts, the answer is probably “Yes.” And why is that you may ask? Because Facebook generates more advertising revenue than any of its social media peers. According to Forbes.com ““Marketers also stated that Facebook is one of their top 10 most effective channels, with 73% saying it’s either “very effective” or “effective […]

Facebook Advertising – Purchase Intent Or Branding

I’m a social media manager, and I think that Google Ads advertising is more effective than Facebook. There…I said it.  While other social media managers plot my imminent demise, I’ll use these last few minutes of my life to explain why. Actually, despite our tendency to do it anyway, we probably shouldn’t be comparing Google […]

South Africa On Social Media – 2016

World Wide Worx and Fuseware conduct a regular survey into South African use of social media platforms.  Their latest South African Social Media Landscape report was released earlier this year, and had the following to say about how we as South Africans are using social media: South Africa On Facebook Facebook remains the most commonly […]

It’s Not Always About Google

A very interesting study recently by Impending Boom has suggested that, in some places at least, it’s not all about Google. Intrigued by a trend he noticed in the number of Google searches originating from Nigeria, which were substantially lower than searches from other countries, the author investigated further. It turned out that Nigeria was […]

The Perils of Facebook Traffic

At the moment, Facebook provides more website traffic referrals than any other social media platform, by a significant margin.  But amidst the sudden boom in Facebook video and the ongoing concerns about the reduction of organic reach in Facebook feeds, a new potential issue has raised its head. Fairly recently, Facebook has made changes to […]

Social Commerce: Buying Items on Facebook and Twitter

Mobile commerce or social commerce– the ability to purchase goods and services directly through social networks on your mobile phone – is something that companies have been putting a lot of effort into getting right. Recent announcements from both Twitter and Facebook could push mobile commerce forward and make it accessible to a large number […]