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Web Design for Conversion Optimisation

Navigation structure is a well-known ranking factor. Web crawlers can penalise your pages for long loading times or unintuitive link structures. Human visitors can be even more particular than that. To keep your conversion funnel tight and reduce your abandonment rate, consider the following tips when designing your website. Make Navigation Obvious This doesn’t mean […]

Conversion Optimisation, Taking Over After Search Engine Optimisation Stops

Conversion optimisation is the art and science of optimising your website to increase the chances of visitors taking a desired action. This desired action could include any of the following: * Getting the visitor to buy what you’re selling * Getting the visitor to make contact * Getting the visitor to register/sign up/become a member […]

Website Speed And Conversions

We’ve been saying that site speed is important for optimisation for some time already. In fact, about a year ago, we wrote an article on this very topic. But now it turns out that not only is website speed important for optimisation, but it’s even more important for conversions too. (You can read about website […]

Readability And Website Content

One of the factors that influences your content as far as visitors to your site are concerned, is the readability of the text. Readability isn’t just about your font, text size and layout, (although those are factors too), it’s literally about how easily what you’ve written can be read. I’ve mentioned before that people online […]

Form Usability And Online Conversions

No matter how many visitors come to your website thanks to search engine results, or your online marketing efforts, it won’t help your business if your site doesn’t deliver on the promise it made to get them to visit in the first place. And it’s not enough to have some random page, deep inside your […]

Is Google Becoming A Directory Site?

We mentioned in an earlier article that we’ve been doing some research into the way that Google Localisation is affecting search engine results, and we’ve started to wonder if Google has forgotten that it’s a search engine. Take a look at the image below, where we did a search for used cars in Johannesburg. This […]

Guidelines For Writing Online Content

When it comes to writing for the web, and especially when it comes to writing SEO content, there are many different sets of guidelines and advice available online. These are a few that we’ve found work well under all sorts of circumstances. Easy Reading As we’ve mentioned in the past, people who read online tend […]

Content Length and Word Count

Everybody knows that people online just don’t read. Rather than sitting down and reading an article or a piece of information the same way that they’d read one in a magazine, online readers tend to skim and skip over online content, looking for important bits of info. And that means that content writers are faced […]

Using Keywords In Content

Once upon a time, when search engines were innocent, and search engine optimisers were blatant, you could stick keywords into your content, and search engines would rank you high in the results, just because your pages contained those words. These days though, it’s no longer quite so easy. Search engines, thanks largely to the efforts […]

Content Is Packaged Information

The internet is driven by information. And in this day and age, it could even been said that it’s drowning in it. The ease with which the internet brings information on any conceivable topic direct to the user has had unexpected side-effects on the way that content is both presented and received. Content effectively consists […]