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Why SEO Is Unpredictable

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making strategic efforts to improve search engine rankings by implementing more relevant content, creating a positive user experience, and ensuring that your page will be visible to Google. Think of Google as a factory manager who has a list of every product in the factory and [...]

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Could Your Facial Reaction Affect Rankings?

A recently published Google patent suggests that it may at some point begin using biometric indicators in order to modify ranking results based on the physical reaction of users to seeing specific search engine results on mobile devices. According to the patent, this would involve using your phone camera to detect and register your expression [...]

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Real-Time Penguin Update Launches

Finally, after what seems like years (in fact it has been years), Google has announced the release of the newest, and last, Penguin algorithm update. It's the last one, because as of this update, Penguin has gone from a filter that was occasionally run on search results (the last time was in 2014), to part [...]

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Google Product Review Penalty

Earlier this month saw scenes of confusion as Google dished out a manual penalty for "unnatural" links to an unknown (but apparently large) number of webmasters. A manual penalty (as opposed to an algorithmic one) is a penalty which was individually applied to sites the Google found to be violating one of their policies, in [...]

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Toolbar PageRank Finally Dies

PageRank.  The secret formula that Google used to decide how important any given web page was has finally been officially retired from public view.  16 years ago, Google made it possible for people to see an approximation of the PR (PageRank, named after co-founder Larry Page) for website pages.  The higher the PR, the more [...]

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Penguin Update Pushed Back Indefinitely

Despite having told you in January that the long awaited penguin update was due "soon," it now appears that it may not be rolling out in this quarter after all. The Penguin, or "webspam" update was originally rolled out nearly 4 years ago, and despite its importance, it has generated a lot of antipathy in [...]

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New Structured Data Markup Released

Earlier this month, Google released an update to their structured data which analysts suggest points to an ever increasing rise in the importance of user experience, and usability.  Structured data markup is a way of applying "labels" to various parts of your content in order to make it easier for computers to understand what that [...]

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Google Penguin Update Expected Soon

According to a Tweet from Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, earlier this month, the long awaited and much expected update to the Google Penguin algorithm is expected to roll out within "weeks." Or at the very latest, by the end of this quarter. Penguin, for those of you who have trouble keeping track, is [...]

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How Important Are The Latest Ranking Factors

A recent study published on Moz examined the relative impacts of the latest ranking factors released by Google on both informational and commercial queries. As you'll recall, those two ranking factors are mobile friendliness, and HTTPS, both new ranking factors announced by Google last year, and rolled out in the intervening time period. Mobile Friendliness [...]

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Google Panda Refresh In Progress

After months of relative quite, Google announced last week that they had begun rolling out the newest update to the infamous Panda algorithm, designed to reduce search engine rankings for low quality sites. This update brings Panda (first released in 2011) to version 4.2, and is the 29th official update to the algorithm.  According to [...]

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