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Could Facts Become Google Ranking Signal?

Google has recently published a paper that could look to drastically shake up the way they rank their index in the future. While the level of data handling in the paper is still somewhat hypothetical, Google is looking into using the validity of content on a webpage as a primary ranking signal. In basic terms, [...]

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Mobile User Experience May Affect Rankings

At a recent search marketing expo, Google engineer Gary Illyes spoke extensively about user experience, saying that webmasters should be focusing more attention in this area. But why the stress on user experience? Well it seems that Google may use mobile user experience as a part of its ranking algorithm. Google Webmaster Tools Fetch and [...]

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Penguin 3.0

Google has confirmed that their anti-spam algorithm, Penguin, was updated for the first time in over a year on Friday 17 October. Penguin is designed to target sites that it deems to be ‘spammy’, especially those that violate Google’s guidelines about links and link building. As of yet, Google hasn’t given any indication about the [...]

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Google Penguin Update – Finally

In early 2012, Google released an algorithm update that was codenamed “Penguin.” This update was touted as an anti-spam measure, apparently mostly aimed at bad linking. Another thing about Penguin was that it wasn’t something you could recover from, (they said), without cleaning up your previous spam. But there was nothing you could do once [...]

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HTTPS Becomes Ranking Factor

On the 6th of August, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that as of this month, having an SSL certificate (effectively encrypting your URLs and adding the HTTPS protocol to them (rather than the standard HTTP) will be a ranking factor. It's a very minor factor right now. In fact, Google estimates that it [...]

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Hummingbird And The Future Of Search

Late last year, Google rolled out its new search algorithm, named Hummingbird, with the aim of giving users more precise results for their searches. In the past, the Google search results page would be made up of a ranked order of approximate answers (to a user’s query) based on keywords. With Hummingbird though, Google has [...]

SEO Fundamentals That Will Always Work

Google SEO’s shrinking real estate has been a topic of great lament for internet marketers over the last couple of years. Algorithm heavyweights Panda and Penguin have not only made the practice of SEO quite mysterious but also one which requires great finesse, and a lot of trial and error. But despite what you have [...]

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PPC Better Than SEO For Small Budgets

Google's recent trend of emphasising paid search results, and giving them more and more room on the front page of search engine results, leaving less space for organic results, has generated considerable debate about what businesses should be doing. In a similar vein, a recent study by SEOMoz has revealed that PPC ads receive over [...]

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Worry Less About Penguins and More About Your Customers

Since the release of Google’s two latest algorithms Panda and, more recently, Penguin, many have speculated that all forms of SEO are gradually coming into their cross-hairs. It was particularly threatening when they announced that Penguin would specifically be targeting over-optimisation. But what they meant by that, was that more subtly unethical SEO practices would [...]

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Google Search Engine Optimization

Tips for effective SEO are in no short supply. Everyone knows the essentials of search engine marketing (content, linking, structure, keywords etc.) but what a lot of people are unaware of, are the sometimes mysterious idiosyncrasies of Google indexing practices. A lot of them tend to turn traditional SEO practices on their head, or at [...]

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