Website Usability Development

In his book Designing Web Usability, renowned expert Jakob Nielsen says, “There is no web page so important that I cannot go elsewhere.” Web usability is one of the most important aspects of web development, and yet it’s one of the aspects that is most often neglected. And one in which insufficient attention can drive […]

Common Web Design Mistakes Impact SEO

As we’ve pointed out before, no matter what keywords you target, there are likely to be thousands, if not millions, of websites that are competing for the same keywords and that important first page Google ranking. A good SEO strategy will improve your chances, but the best strategy can’t help you if your sites web […]

Planning Your E-Mail Campaign

One of the greatest advantages of the internet when it comes to marketing can be the e-mail marketing campaign. It’s low-cost, it’s targeted, and it’s easy to measure. But that doesn’t mean that you should just leap in and start sending emails to everybody whose address you might have or can get. There are quite […]

Register Your Trademark With Google

With recent questions regarding cyber-squatting and the protection of domain names, we’ve queried Google itself about the importance of trademarks when it comes to online marketing. We were querying this with particular regard to Google Adwords, when it turned out that somebody could use your company name in their own advertisement. According to Google, as […]

Nobody Can Guarantee First Place On Google

If anybody ever tells you that they can guarantee you a first place result on Google, then it’s time to tread very warily. Net Age has been in the business of search engine optimisation for more than ten years, and we won’t guarantee any such thing. And frankly, you should be suspicious of anybody who […]

The Online Decision Making Process

Making the choice to buy something online involves a variety of different factors. In this article, we’ll consider a relatively simple model of the online decision making process that covers the basic stages, and offers an brief explanation for them. 1 – Identifying The Need The first stage in the process is the “identification of […]

Webdesigns – Functional Appeal

Some of the most frequently discussed aspects of a website revolve around webdesigns. It’s generally accepted that the design of your site plays a major role in attracting visitors. This is not strictly true in certain senses, since your design can’t attract visitors if they haven’t already seen the site. However, webdesigns can play a […]