Internal Links – An Overview

Search algorithms rely heavily on internal link structures, using them to determine the importance of internal pages on your website. As a result, the pages that you link to the most frequently are usually considered the most important ones. Anchor Text Because of their reliance on internal link structures, another thing that search engines pay […]

Outbound Links – An Overview

We get a lot of queries about the advisability of having outbound links to related resources in the content areas of a website, so we thought we’d put up an article on the various aspects of outbound links, to give you some information about the subject. Outbound Links And Search Engines Although it seems that […]

Paid Links – Good or Bad?

As we all know, search engines like Google make use of the existence of links from external sources that point to your website to assist them in determining the reputation of your website. Because it’s considered a good thing to have such links, external links are much in demand, and as a result, every now […]

Adwords Landing Page Quality Score

It appears that a recent change (or increase in enforcement) of the Google guidelines for Pay Per Click landing page quality score has seen an unknown number of Adwords customers either sternly warned, or banned outright, often with little or no explanation, and allegedly without recourse. Starting at the end of last month, Adwords users […]

Twitter Tests List Feature

Twitter announced yesterday that they have started testing a new feature for the popular micro-blogging service. The new “List” feature will allow users to organise their tweets by assigning them to various sub-categories. According to a blog post by project leader Nick Kallen, “The idea is to allow people to create lists of Twitter accounts. […]

Social Media Scams On The Rise

In a just released announcement by social media giant Facebook, the California-based company has warned its users to watch out for one of the old “419 scams” that has recently resurfaced on the social media network. According to Facebook, cyber-criminals have been posing as users, and asking their “friends” to urgently send them money as […]

Is Social Media Marketing Worth The Effort?

Everybody knows about social media, (or social networking) these days. It’s no longer the next big thing, it’s a big thing right now. The real question though, is whether there’s any real marketing value to be had from it. It seems that opinions are divided on the issue. Some see the potential of social networking […]

Google Launches Display Ads

Google announced on it’s official blog at the end of last week that it was rolling out the end product of it’s incorporation with DoubleClick, an acquisition that Google made 18 months ago. Google display ads will complement the now familiar text ads that appear alongside Google’s search engine results, to display online billboards and […]

Social Networking Growth Predicted

According to a report released by the BMI-Techknowledge Group, a business-to-business commercial and industrial research group focusing on the high-tech industry, social networking in South Africa is set to increase by a factor of three over the next four years. The report examines online activity in South Africa, and forecasts potential changes in how and […]