Google Adwords – Targeted Internet Marketing

A Google Adwords campaign is widely considered one of the most effective targeted marketing opportunities that exists today on the internet. It takes advantage of Google’s ability to display a relevant ad alongside the search engine results that appear when a user searches for a specific term, or contextually depending on the content of the […]

Search Engine Marketing – Measurable Results

One of the greatest benefits of search engine marketing lies in the fact that it’s one of the marketing strategies that’s more measurable than most. Making use of search engine marketing services lets you immediately determine the number of conversions you’ve achieved, whether into online leads or sales, as well as how much revenue your SEM […]

Branding – Building Credibility

An effective branding strategy is an essential component in building a credible and trustworthy online business presence. At their best, branding solutions increase the perceived value of a product or service to customers, making it more likely that they’ll choose your brand over competing ones. The increasing pace of globalisation has created a more competitive environment […]

Marketing Strategy And Online Business

At a time when so many businesses are moving into the online arena, it’s essential that your business marketing strategy reflects the innovation that digital promotion makes possible. In the past, internet marketing strategies have often displayed a degree of fragmentation that fails to serve the best interests of the business applying them. Today though, […]

Online Advertising: Target Your Market

Online advertising is a form of advertising that uses the technology of the internet, in order to spread your marketing message across a network of different channels. Online advertising offers some significant advantages over more traditional media, particularly in it’s immediacy, and lack of geographical limitation. An ad designed for the purposes of online advertising can be […]

Web Design: Making Your Site Look Good

One of the most important factors in a successful online presence depends on your sites web design. As a result, the increase in online marketing has been followed by a corresponding increase in web design companies, offering a web design service to anybody who wishes to implement a site. Good web design serves a vital function for […]

Web Marketing – The Future Of Business

In a rapidly evolving online world, web marketing has become a sales strategy of choice for any company that seeks to keep their service current and up-to-date. The development of web marketing has created almost limitless new possibilities, and given us the ability to disperse information as never before. Web marketing can reach a huge audience, allowing […]

Internet Marketing – A World Of Opportunity

The rapid growth of internet marketing in South Africa, and indeed the world, has opened up new vistas of previously unimagined business opportunity. The advantages of internet marketing strategies include lower costs and faster turn-around times. However, it is the ability of the medium to almost instantly disseminate information, and solicit monitored responses, that makes […]

Content and User Perception

The users perception of your brand, product or service plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your online presence. In many cases, whether implicitly or explicitly, it is by the quality of your content that you are judged. Online credibility can be hard to come by. If you have a well-known brand, or a product […]

The Contents of Content

You’ll find a lot of articles on the internet today telling you how important content is. “Content is King,” they say. And they’re right. But what exactly is content? And why is it “King?” Technically, everything that appears on your website can be considered content, in that your site contains it. In the context of […]