The Importance of Content

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of content when you’re going through the process of putting an online platform in place. When you’re planning a website, you’re understandably concerned with its appearance, and the functionality it offers to the end-user. With all these issues to think about, the actual content of the site is often one […]

Why Implement An Online Marketing Strategy?

As with more traditional marketing the point to online marketing is quite simply more business. An online marketing strategy aims at building your corporate image and driving traffic (quality leads) to your site, supplementing your offline marketing efforts. In this way online marketing can increase the sales and, therefore, the profits of your business. Undertaken correctly […]

Internet Marketing Today

Electronic communication is the crux upon which so much of modern life is balanced in this, the age of information. The face of marketing and of advertising has been undeniably changed by the ability to mass communicate any idea through the medium of the internet. There are no longer limits on the reach of advertisers or the […]

Online Advertising and SEO Versus Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising and marketing is clumsy and unwieldy when compared to the more modern online marketing (such as SEO). Consider the following benefits inherent in choosing an online marketing campaign over the traditional approaches (Print, broadcast, outdoor.). Quality Exposure With traditional marketing your brand is exposed to many potential customers and clients, but how many […]

Search Engine Optimisation Is Google Optimisation

Although the industry is called search engine optimisation (SEO), the truth of the matter is that most websites, especially in South Africa, want and need to optimise for Google. This is because Google lays claim to a majority market share in the search industry. Google truly is the giant of search and to optimise for […]

Why Outsource Your Pay Per Click (PPC Campaign)

Pay Per Click (PPC) And The Expanding World of Internet Advertising When deciding to engage in a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign many companies are faced with the choice of whether to attempt the activity themselves, or to outsource the task to a PPC company. The rapid expansion of the Internet means that many people […]

Marketing and Advertising: What’s the Difference?

Defining The Difference The first step in determining the difference between advertising and marketing would be to define each practice independently of the other. Once we have set the parameters within which each pursuit functions, we can more accurately differentiate between the two. Advertising The generally accepted definition of advertising is as follows: A typically, […]