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Facebook Admits To Data Errors

Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that the reporting data it shares with publishers and advertisers could have been subject to errors. This comes two months after they admitted that it had been over-estimating the average time users spent watching videos on the platform. These latest errors involved reporting on the amount of time people spent […]

Facebook Advertising – Purchase Intent Or Branding

I’m a social media manager, and I think that Google Ads advertising is more effective than Facebook. There…I said it.  While other social media managers plot my imminent demise, I’ll use these last few minutes of my life to explain why. Actually, despite our tendency to do it anyway, we probably shouldn’t be comparing Google […]

The Importance Of Online Brand Building

The world is moving faster than ever with constantly evolving technologies, emerging social media platforms, viral videos, trending topics, streams of memes, algorithm updates, increased mobile adoption, apps and so on, making it easy to forget about one of the few things that stays constant through it all…the brand. Online marketing fast. Very fast. And […]

Instagram & Modern Marketing

In our modern and fast paced digital world, that’s all too often driven by an “I’ll believe it when I see it” mindset, there are new forms of content, and new ways to market, appearing all the time. As an almost perfect outgrowth of this, Instagram, an online mobile photo and video sharing social network, […]

Personal Sharing Declines

According to a recent study by GlobalWebIndex, personal sharing on social media has undergone a significant decline, even while sharing for non-personal (commercial or tangentially commercial) reasons has increased. Since 2014, the reasons people give for sharing on social media has seen a global 33% reduction for “staying in touch with friends” and “sharing my […]

It’s Not Always About Google

A very interesting study recently by Impending Boom has suggested that, in some places at least, it’s not all about Google. Intrigued by a trend he noticed in the number of Google searches originating from Nigeria, which were substantially lower than searches from other countries, the author investigated further. It turned out that Nigeria was […]

Email Marketing vs Social Media

“If your business isn’t on social media it may as well not exist,” is a phrase often spoken by people who don’t understand social media. What they fail to realise is that their statement isn’t really applicable to every business. For some businesses having a strong presence on social media is vital, but this is […]

The Perils of Facebook Traffic

At the moment, Facebook provides more website traffic referrals than any other social media platform, by a significant margin.  But amidst the sudden boom in Facebook video and the ongoing concerns about the reduction of organic reach in Facebook feeds, a new potential issue has raised its head. Fairly recently, Facebook has made changes to […]

Google Drops Authorship Markup

Just over 3 years since Google first announced in a 2011 blog post that it would be supporting authorship mark-up and including rich snippets showing it in search results, authorship has become the latest feature they’ve dropped support for. In a Google+ post last night, John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools announced that Google would […]