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Twitter And South Africans

There's no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms available, and there's a lot of advice out there on how to use Twitter for your business.  But just because there are a lot of people on Twitter, doesn't mean that you necessarily have to use it. The most important thing [...]

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Email Marketing vs Social Media

“If your business isn’t on social media it may as well not exist,” is a phrase often spoken by people who don’t understand social media. What they fail to realise is that their statement isn’t really applicable to every business. For some businesses having a strong presence on social media is vital, but this is [...]

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The Perils of Facebook Traffic

At the moment, Facebook provides more website traffic referrals than any other social media platform, by a significant margin.  But amidst the sudden boom in Facebook video and the ongoing concerns about the reduction of organic reach in Facebook feeds, a new potential issue has raised its head. Fairly recently, Facebook has made changes to [...]

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Google Drops Authorship Markup

Just over 3 years since Google first announced in a 2011 blog post that it would be supporting authorship mark-up and including rich snippets showing it in search results, authorship has become the latest feature they've dropped support for. In a Google+ post last night, John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools announced that Google would [...]

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Is Your Social Media Presence Really Selling Your Products?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t have a Facebook page. And, on paper, it makes sense for these businesses to set up these pages and employ people full-time to maintain them. The statistics for worldwide social media use are staggering. In just one day Facebook users post over 4.5 [...]

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Social Media Shares

Some interesting, if slightly contradictory info out recently about the proportion of social media log-ins, and who is winning the war for social attention.  2 days ago, Gigya,  the developers of a leading consumer management suite released a study on which social media platform was used the most to log into various accounts and applications [...]

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Social Signals Not a Direct Ranking Signal

Google has a tendency towards being cryptic or completely counter-intuitive about the details of their ranking algorithms. Following from this, Matt Cutts, head of search quality at Google, recently debunked a report posted by SEO consulting giant SEOmoz, which stated that +1’s for content posted on the Google Plus network helped boost its organic ranking. [...]

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Social SEO for Businesses

With the amount of content exchange happening on social networks these days, it's only natural that many companies are looking to get their products and ideas marketed through these channels. The potential to directly reach consumer influencers alone is almost invaluable for any business looking for a new communication channel. Social SEO has recently become [...]

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Effective Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigning as a business concept is still very much in its infancy. And as an infant it characteristically: unpredictable, hard to control, has a limited temper and is prone to sulking if you make poor decisions. The one way it is nothing like an infant though, is in that the internet never forgets. [...]

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Google+ In Search Engine Results

In what's only the latest indication that Google+ will be a factor in the search engine rankings, it seems that Google has started to deliver + results in its SERPs. According to several sources, including All About Content, Google+ posts are showing up in searches for which there are Google+ pages, if those pages have [...]

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