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AdSense Policies Unclear

AdSense is not usually something we pay much attention to, because in general, it’s not really worth it unless your site is receiving huge amounts of traffic.  For those that aren’t familiar with it, suffice it to say that AdSense is the other side of the Google Display Network…it’s the programme for sites that wish […]

Multiple Location Extensions For Mobile Ads

Google recently announced an update to the Google Ads location extensions that will allow multiple locations to display for mobile search ads. This is great news for advertisers because it will help users to find the location that’s easiest and most relevant to them. So if your business has multiple locations, you can now set […]

Google Ads Search Query Data Limited

It’s already been a few years now since Google encrypted search queries, first for searches carried out by users who were logged in, and then increasingly for any organic search, to the point where the majority of searches did not pass search query data. The rise of the infamous “not provided” keyword drove marketers and […]

Google Releases Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns

A new update is coming to Google Adwords in the middle of 2013. It’s hoping to address the massive increase in popularity of smartphones, and how people who surf the internet on these devices display much different user behaviour than those using PC’s. It does stand to reason that a person who’s using Google to look […]

New Look For Display Network Text Ads

AdSense has long offered quite a large variety of mediums on which to display adverts on the Google Display Network. The choices range from a simple banner advert offering a special promotion, to a video or rich media ads explaining specific product benefits. But with the plain text advert (the ads that resemble actual Google […]

Google Updates Google Ads Functionality

Users of Google Ads know that the functionality of the tool is constantly changing. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, as Google’s privacy policy changes they sometimes change the click data they give users access to. Secondly, because Google Ads is a free tool, Google often takes a number of liberties when testing […]