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Google Ads Optimisation – 10 Basics You Need to Know

[fusion_text]So, you set up an Google Ads campaign, your ads are live, traffic is coming to your website and you have a whole lot of data to show for it. But now what? The data can be overwhelming and confusing at first, but once you’ve familiarised yourself with the terms, and learnt to interpret that […]

Facebook Advertising – Purchase Intent Or Branding

I’m a social media manager, and I think that Google Ads advertising is more effective than Facebook. There…I said it.  While other social media managers plot my imminent demise, I’ll use these last few minutes of my life to explain why. Actually, despite our tendency to do it anyway, we probably shouldn’t be comparing Google […]

Google Frustrations – Taking Away Important Data

I regularly swing between loving Google and being seriously frustrated by them, and this is one of those really frustrating times. This is a long read, but I do think it’s worth it.  (Actually, I’ve cut about a thousand words from it to make it a bit shorter, but I couldn’t cut any more.) As […]

Competitor Google Ads Campaigns – Are They Worth It?

The ability to serve your advert when a user searches for a competitor brand term is a contentious subject. Some clients are enamoured with the concept and will spend thousands of Rands a month to ensure that their advert is served on every single search term related to their competitors, almost to the point of […]

Unpacking The Google Ads Layout Change

Recently Google made an unexpected change to how they’re laying out the Google Ads results in search. Instead of the old “3 ads at the top” and then a list of ads in the sidebar, they’ve done away with the sidebar entirely for what looks like most searches, and instead, are showing 4 ads at […]

Google Contributor Expanding

In November of last year, Google began rolling out the Google Contributor program, designed to allow people to reduce the number of ads they see, on the sites they visit. Since they specifically say “on the sites you visit” this appears to target the Display Network.  It’s also interesting that they’re not offering to show […]

Google Ads Results Layout Updated

In a surprising change, Google has rolled out a new ad display layout, that has significantly changed the ad real-estate landscape on search engine results pages.  According to their spokesman, these are supposed to be for commercial and high value queries, but so far I’ve been seeing them for a quite a few queries that […]

Google Removing Inactive My Business Listings

In the wake of a recent announcement by Google that they would be removing Google My Business listings that were unverified, or which had no activity, we’ve seen a few of our clients lose their Google My Business listings. As a result, we just wanted to remind you that it’s essential to make sure that […]

New Google Ads Ads for Mobile Searches

With Google’s recent mobile update to their algorithm, we saw mobile-friendly, responsive sites starting to earn a ranking advantage over non-responsive ones. Now we’re seeing another concerted effort from the search engine giant, to shift attention to the increasingly dominant smartphone market. New Google Ads ad mediums and platforms are soon being released that will […]