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The Google DoubleClick AdPlanner Downgrade

Those who practice search engine optimisation will know that it’s suffering from a dwindling number of sources for valuable browsing and search behaviour data. The main problem is that companies such as Google have to strike a balance between what types of data those trading on the internet should have right to and the privacy […]

Effective Landing Pages for B2B Advertising

The purpose of a landing page for a PPC campaign is often misinterpreted by companies. They think that it’s there to inform potential customers about their product offering and build some credibility for their brand by emphasising quality and service. What is really is though, is an offer. Its purpose is to achieve conversions, and […]

Search Targeting And Multiple Languages

A lot of websites who optimise their pages for multinational search often struggle with translation problems. They’ll often find that the traffic figures from these foreign language countries are disproportionally lower. The cultural nuances which often affect translations can be a real complication. Just because a keyword does technically translate into a corresponding foreign language […]

Planning B2B Search Marketing

Business to business markets are still quite reluctant to use pay-per-click campaigns as a way to boost business. The purchasing cycles in the markets are longer, buyers are more educated and price sensitive and the internet is historically not a popular distribution channel for these types of products. However, when you consider the generally higher […]

Is PPC Becoming the New SEO

As the commercial markets on the internet grow, advertising methods that were once considered only marginally effective have now become lucrative revenue sources. Spearheading this movement is the growing success of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google, accounting for the lion’s share of the clicks for high-commercial intent keywords, these days. Organic searches still get the […]

PPC Better Than SEO For Small Budgets

Google’s recent trend of emphasising paid search results, and giving them more and more room on the front page of search engine results, leaving less space for organic results, has generated considerable debate about what businesses should be doing. In a similar vein, a recent study by SEOMoz has revealed that PPC ads receive over […]

Optimising AdScheduling Based on Dayparting

AdScheduling from Google Ads allows you to choose which times of the day you want your advertisements and PPC links to be displayed. Obviously this presents some interesting methods for advertisers to only have to pay for advertising when there’s actually a chance of conversions. The only challenge is trying to figure out when exactly […]

The War on Free Clicks by Google

A recent study by SEO Software company, WordStream has revealed some interesting results of Google’s recent intense focus on web spam and the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising as opposed to organic SEO. These were based on a study of 1000 Google Ads accounts over a period of 60 days. Some auxiliary data was also taken into […]

Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy

It’s that tiny description you see below a sponsored link. And although it effectively constitutes almost your entire unique value proposition, many advertisers tend to under-appreciate its importance. If your PPC campaign is struggling to find a meaningful increase in its click-through-rates, you may want to consider the ad’s copy as a potential source of […]

Successful Paid Search Campaigns Through Experimentation

When a website looks into the possibly of using paid search to increase their overall web traffic and conversion rate, their first question would likely be “What PPC strategy works best?” But like any strategic business decision, the best course varies not only from company to company but campaign to campaign. The internet moves too […]