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Web Users Can Now Mute Google Ads Display Ads

If you’re not familiar with Google’s display ads, they come in many forms. They can be media-rich banners or just plain text on a web page. Google displays them on the actual sites rather than in the search results. Some users find them helpful, others just think they’re a nuisance. To mitigate criticism of these […]

Flexible Reach With Google Ads

Those with Google Ads accounts can look out for a brand new feature in their campaign settings. Flexible Reach, under the Network tabs, will enable users to employ multiple targeting methods when launching their ads. In the past separate targeting methods would need to be applied to separate campaigns, which was time consuming and didn’t […]

New Google Ads Interface

Google is rolling out a redesign on its Google Ads interface to all account holders. While many think added features when they’re expecting an update, the main focus of this one could really be termed ‘customisable simplicity’. The update actually strips away the interface to a certain extent, so that data interaction becomes more easy […]

Tips For an Effective Landing Page

The landing page is what’s responsible for the majority of a website’s conversions. This is because it’s the first consequential decision making point. As such, it could be called the linchpin of any website’s conversion funnel. Many websites under-appreciate the importance of the landing page, often misunderstanding the real goal. Make It Clear and Simple […]

Google Ads Helps With Quality Score

The new changes to the Google Ads interface that Google has just announced are designed to help users manage their accounts better. One of these changes allows account labels to simplify the grouping of keywords, ads and campaigns. The other, potentially more significant change, breaks down quality score into three distinct segments, and provides a […]

Understanding Your Google Ads Report

Introduction Google Ads is one of the most effective ways of bringing new visitors to your site. At Net Age, we make use of both the Google Ads Search Network, which displays advertisements alongside search engine results when somebody searches for a keyword of phrase that’s associated with your business, and the Display Network, which […]