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Google Adwords Affiliate Auction Policy

Keeping Google’s Affiliate Auction policy in mind is usually a good idea for anybody who manages more than one account on Google Ads. The Google Ads Affiliate Policy effectively states that Google will display only one advert per top-level domain. This means that, if you’re an affiliate advertiser, your ads won’t display if some other […]

Even Google Makes Mistakes

Technically, we all know that Google makes mistakes sometimes. It’s pretty much an extremely complicated piece of software, that they make changes to every day. (In the last year, Google made over 550 changes to their search algorithm.) So it’s not surprising that it breaks sometimes. In fact, we should be impressed that it works […]

Adwords Tips – Manage Your Campaign

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve occasionally put up an article with some tips and advice for managing a successful Google Adwords campaign. In this, our latest in the series of Adwords related articles, we’ll suggest a few more things to think about when planning your campaign, courtesy of Google’s Adwords resources. […]

Adwords Tips – A Bad Site Affects Quality Score

We’ve mentioned in the past how important the design and construction of your website is, for a wide variety of different reasons, from usability to conversions. Another important thing that the design, construction and content of your site can affect though is your Google Adwords quality score. What is Quality Score? In short, the Adwords […]

Designing Adwords Banners

Pay per click advertising, (commonly referred to as PPC), has become one of the most common forms of advertising on the internet. In brief, PPC allows you to display ads, either alongside search engine results, or on sites which are part of Google’s Display Network. In contrast to the Search Network, which displays small text […]

More Display Network Tips

The Google display network is a little different from traditional PPC (pay per click) advertising. Unlike the search network, which displays ads alongside search engine results when users search for keywords that you’re targeting, the display network displays your ads alongside content which is related to your service or product offerings. Although this means users […]

Google Content Network Advertising

When it comes to pay per click advertising with Google, there are two available options. The search network, and the content network. They both work well, but they work in different ways, and for different reasons. The search network works by displaying your ads alongside search engine results. This works, because people are exposed to […]