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Google Clamping Down On Fake Businesses

According to a recent report, Google, in conjunction with computer scientists at UCLA San Diego are working on identifying and removing fake business listings on Google Maps. Since Google Maps results are based on your location, online scammers have been gaming the system by registering fake companies on the service.  According to their estimates, more [...]

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Could Your Facial Reaction Affect Rankings?

A recently published Google patent suggests that it may at some point begin using biometric indicators in order to modify ranking results based on the physical reaction of users to seeing specific search engine results on mobile devices. According to the patent, this would involve using your phone camera to detect and register your expression [...]

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Google Discontinues Site Search

For years now, (since 2008) Google has made it possible for website owners to use their powerful search functionality on their own websites. Now, according to a recent announcement, they will no longer be licensing this function as of the 1st of April this year. Existing customers can continue using the product until their license [...]

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Local Search Update

Earlier this month Google implemented an update to their local search algorithm, which controls the "Local 3 Pack" of results that appear in the search results below a map when you search for something that is available in your area, as you can see in the example image below. Searcher Location More Important One of [...]

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Google Adds Fact Check Tag

As an ever increasing amounts of information are added online, establishing the veracity of that information has become an important factor for both people and corporations. As such, fact checking has become a popular trend, with multiple sites being established that carry out fact checking on various statements and claims. To facilitate this, Google announced [...]

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Google Unveils Smart Messaging App

Google has just unveiled its smart messaging app, Google Allo, featuring the first preview of their digital assistant in a late entry to attempts by various companies (see Apple's Siri & Microsoft's Cortana) to create a ore personal and intuitive way for people to interact with their devices. According to the official Google blog, the [...]

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Google Testing New Search Results Look

When Google first broke onto the scene in 1998, one of the things that really set them apart was their clean, simple look. Compared to other search engines of the day, cluttered by ads and options, the plain white page with a straightforward list of potential results was a metaphorical breath of fresh air. In [...]

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PageSpeed Insights & Analytics

The speed at which your site loads, (or page speed) has been considered one of the more important ranking factors in Google for some time already.  With Google's focus on the user experience, a fast site is seen as being more user friendly, and therefore more deserving of a higher ranking. To help website owners [...]

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Deep Learning Course Made Available

If you've been following the tech news recently, you'll have noticed that there has been a lot of attention paid to the concept of "Deep Learning" in the last few months.  Deep Learning is the new way of saying AI, or artificial intelligence, without actually going quite that far.  For one thing, AI has strong [...]

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Google Reveals RankBrain AI

Ok, maybe not strictly AI in the truest sense, but a few days ago, in the wake of new Google "over-company" Alphabet earnings reports, Google revealed that for several months already, an artificial intelligence system nicknamed "RankBrain" has been responsible for handling "a large fraction" of their daily user queries. We've always know that about [...]

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