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Hummingbird And The Future Of Search

Late last year, Google rolled out its new search algorithm, named Hummingbird, with the aim of giving users more precise results for their searches. In the past, the Google search results page would be made up of a ranked order of approximate answers (to a user’s query) based on keywords. With Hummingbird though, Google has [...]

Google Algorithm Update Feb 2012

In a post yesterday on Google's official search blog, the most recent changes to the Google algorithm were announced. Or if not announced, at least talked about and hinted at, since as always, they're wary of giving away too much information to people who might want to take advantage of it. Latest Algorithm Changes Going [...]

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Google Merchant Centre About To Be Rolled Out In South Africa

The Google Merchant Centre is a tool for managing your product inventory so that your products can appear as Product Listing Ads on Google, and on Google Shopping and Google Commerce Search. The product ads that appear on Google results pages will include information such as images, product descriptions, and pricing. Google Shopping is a [...]

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Google Plus And Youtube Comments

Earlier this week, Google announced that they are finally implementing the changes to the Youtube comments that they started talking about in September. Officially, this revamp is meant to push "relevant" comments to the top. And the way they're doing it is to require you to be logged in with your Google+ account to comment [...]

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Google Helpouts

Yesterday, search engine giant Google announced the official launch of Google Helpouts, a monetised live video platform designed to let businesses sell, and give away, live video assistance on topics related to that business. Free & Paid Help Businesses have the option to offer content that is free to view, that costs a set fee [...]

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Google’s One True Log-In

Well, the next step in the Googlification of the internet is at hand. Google has rolled out its single, unified log-in that applies across all Google services. If you use any Google services at all, you might have already seen the new log-in interface, which is being steadily rolled out to users. If you haven't, [...]

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Social Signals Not a Direct Ranking Signal

Google has a tendency towards being cryptic or completely counter-intuitive about the details of their ranking algorithms. Following from this, Matt Cutts, head of search quality at Google, recently debunked a report posted by SEO consulting giant SEOmoz, which stated that +1’s for content posted on the Google Plus network helped boost its organic ranking. [...]

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Link Building is Not Illegal Says Google

Since the release of the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, link building has gradually become more of a dirty word in the web community. This is evident from what was described as The Great Link Purge, when Google released its link disavow tool. The funny thing was that many websites disavowed perfectly normal links that [...]

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Handy Google Search Tricks

For the majority of the people who submit the approximate 2 billion search queries each day on Google, only a fraction of them make use of Google’s extended search functionality. These robust features allow you to refine and direct your search in novel ways that would otherwise take hours of research. Below are some of [...]

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Google Updates Wreak Havoc

At a recent Search Engine conference, Google's Matt Cutts, head of search spam, announced that although Panda algorithm changes were no longer being announced, Panda is still being updated on a monthly basis, with most updates being rolled out over 10 days each month. These rolling updates seem to be causing havoc amongst search engine [...]

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