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Google Structured Snippets

It was announced yesterday in a post on the Google Research Blog that Google has rolled out a new feature that can show tabular data from your page under the description in the search engine results. That means that if you have a table of product specs, for example, on your page, relevant information from [...]

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Google Penguin Update – Finally

In early 2012, Google released an algorithm update that was codenamed “Penguin.” This update was touted as an anti-spam measure, apparently mostly aimed at bad linking. Another thing about Penguin was that it wasn’t something you could recover from, (they said), without cleaning up your previous spam. But there was nothing you could do once [...]

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Google Drops Authorship Markup

Just over 3 years since Google first announced in a 2011 blog post that it would be supporting authorship mark-up and including rich snippets showing it in search results, authorship has become the latest feature they've dropped support for. In a Google+ post last night, John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools announced that Google would [...]

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Google Pigeon Update: What We Know After Week 1

It’s been a week since Google’s Local Search algorithm update was rolled out in the U.S. Since our last article on the subject a few SEO experts have weighed in, reporting any changes they’ve noticed and sharing their opinions about the update on various platforms. The algorithm is still in its early days so we’re [...]

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Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Last week Thursday (24 July 2014) Google released its new algorithm update which, though yet unnamed by Google, has been dubbed Pigeon by SEOs. The new algorithm will have a noticeable impact on local search results, mainly within Google Map Search but also in the Google Web Search. So far, the algorithm is only affecting [...]

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Google Webmaster Tools Releases Robots Testing Update

The robots.txt exclusion standard is a bit of an ambiguous convention, acting as sort of the opposite of a sitemap. But while one might see the value in telling a web crawler what pages are on your site, and how they’re structured, it’s more difficult to see the value of telling them where they can’t [...]

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Google Panda 4.0 Rolls Out

If you've been following along with the on-going state of the SEO industry, you'll know that recent times have been fraught with changes.  On that score at least, things have stayed the same, in that they continue to change, and Google's latest evolution has been the roll-out of the latest update to the Panda algorithm, [...]

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Social Media Shares

Some interesting, if slightly contradictory info out recently about the proportion of social media log-ins, and who is winning the war for social attention.  2 days ago, Gigya,  the developers of a leading consumer management suite released a study on which social media platform was used the most to log into various accounts and applications [...]

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Report Content Scraping

It's pretty frustrating to find out that somebody has copied your work. We've all had experience with that kid who sat next to you in class and copied your test answers. Imagine if that kid got a higher test score than you. To put this in terms of copywriting, imagine if somebody plagiarised your content, [...]

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The New Approach To Writing SEO Content

The ultimate goal with the new SEO is to win an audience. Sure, you have to do certain things with your webpage so that search engines will give it a better ranking, but that's just a tool for achieving the goal, not the goal itself. An effective SEO strategy keeps the audience in mind. We [...]