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Google Reveals RankBrain AI

Ok, maybe not strictly AI in the truest sense, but a few days ago, in the wake of new Google “over-company” Alphabet earnings reports, Google revealed that for several months already, an artificial intelligence system nicknamed “RankBrain” has been responsible for handling “a large fraction” of their daily user queries. We’ve always know that about […]

Google Reorganises Corporate Structure

Earlier this month, Google made new waves when they announced the implementation of a corporate restructure, in which they’ll reorganise under the name “Alphabet,” of which Google will just be a division or subsidiary. Given the extent to which Google diverged from its original business, namely search, it’s not surprising that some of their further […]

7 Pack Becomes 3 Pack For Local Results

As of the beginning of this month, Google began implementing a change to the way that the local results are displayed in search.  Where we’ve been used to search engine results displaying 7 local listings (with the map on the side), Google has now replaced this with only 3 local listings displayed in-line with the […]

Google Panda Refresh In Progress

After months of relative quite, Google announced last week that they had begun rolling out the newest update to the infamous Panda algorithm, designed to reduce search engine rankings for low quality sites. This update brings Panda (first released in 2011) to version 4.2, and is the 29th official update to the algorithm.  According to […]

A New Way To Target Google Ads

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s introduction of ‘Custom Audiences’, Google is looking for a new way to target ads more directly. Custom Audiences is Facebook’s way of doing this, and the feature allows advertisers to upload a list of email addresses of customers or website users, and then target ads to those users, based […]

Health Search On Google

Using the internet as a tool for finding out what’s ailing you is a tried, but not-very-well-tested, online tradition. We’ve all heard those jokes.  Maybe we’ve even gone onto WebMD ourselves, typed in our symptoms and then poured through the results in horror, convinced we have Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, or Ebola. Then you come across […]

Twitter Lets Google Index Tweets Again

Twitter’s searchability has been a noticeable issue between it and search engine titan Google for quite some time now. The collapse of their original indexing agreement was a good example of how even multinational organisations can ignore increased profits and customer satisfaction, through over-competitiveness. While it seemed logical for these two vital online entities to […]

Google Shuts Down Woza Online

In January of 2012, Google launched a free website service for South Africa, in partnership with the DTI, Vodacom and the HRDC.  Since its inception, Google estimates that around 40,000 small businesses have used the service, but they’ve now decided to close it down, taking all those sites offline. Similar services in Kenya and Nigeria […]

Penguin 3.0

Google has confirmed that their anti-spam algorithm, Penguin, was updated for the first time in over a year on Friday 17 October. Penguin is designed to target sites that it deems to be ‘spammy’, especially those that violate Google’s guidelines about links and link building. As of yet, Google hasn’t given any indication about the […]